The Most Pressing Catering Questions Answered

Your wedding food is one of the absolute essentials to consider when planning the Big Day – so you will definitely want every single detail about it to be more than perfect. What are some of the most commonly encountered catering-related questions brides and grooms ask? Even more, what are the answers to these questions?

Read on and find out more about this.


  • Will you be the only client on your wedding day? Some catering companies are forced to work multiple weddings in one day, especially during the peak season. Be sure to ask about this, and, if you are not the only client for your wedding day, be sure you get acquainted with the contact person who will be handling your food on the Big Day. You should be fully comfortable with them!
  • Do you fully understand the contract and the fees? It is highly important that everything’s clear for you – otherwise, you might have to face some unpleasant surprises once the bill comes up. For example, some catering companies will charge a tax rate and a service fee on top of the price charged for every menu – so it is obviously crucial that you know about these “extras”.
  • Can you schedule a tasting? Ideally, you will want to have your tasting before setting the wedding menu – but if that’s not possible, do make sure you attend your tasting and ask any questions/ spell out any special requests you may have. You surely want to know exactly how your wedding food will taste!

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Junk food that makes amazing wedding hors d’oeuvres

You may not think of junk food as your typical go-to wedding menu – but the truth is that it has gained a lot of popularity in the wedding world, especially over the course of the past couple of years. Why would you serve them – and maybe even more importantly, how to pull off junk food that makes amazing wedding hors d’oeuvres?

We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Mini hot dogs. Delicious and more than familiar for every guest at your wedding, hot dogs can be a really great wedding food to serve during the Cocktail Hour or Reception. Offer these delicious snacks in bite-sized portions and people will love indulging in them! And if you want to spice things up a bit, provide guests with the option of using their favorite topping: chili, onion or cheese. It will be a huge success!
  • Mini-sized or by slice, pizza is always a delicious snack – especially when there are dancing and drinks involved. So why wouldn’t it be a really great addition to your wedding? If you cannot decide on one type of pizza alone, don’t worry – people will be even more excited if you plan a “pizza bar” with multiple options and toppings for them!
  • Grilled cheese. This is the kind of snack nobody will ever say “no” to – so it definitely makes for a perfect hors d’oeuvres option at your wedding. Serve these sandwiches in bite-sized versions with tomato soup shots on the side, or as normal-sized snacks – guests will surely be delighted by this treat!
  • Searching for a sweet snack for your guests? Doughnuts can be more than wedding-friendly! Organize a tower of simple doughnuts and provide people with various toppings for an indulgent “doughnut bar” they will never forget!

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How to Let Guests with Children Know We Are Serving a Kids’ Menu?

Inviting children at your wedding can be a true blessing. With their energy and their innocence, the little ones will light up your wedding and add a lot of loveliness to the entire “scene”. Of course, you want them to feel excellent at your Big Day, just like their parents do – and serving a special kids’ menu can really make the difference for your youngest guests.

How to let guests with children know you are serving a kids’ menu, though? Here are some ideas of how to do this:


  • Simply add an insert to the invitations for the families with children. Let the parents know there’s a kids-friendly menu option available, and allow them to opt on whether or not their children will be served with it. This is a great idea if you want to make sure the parents agree with the kids’ menu, and if you want to know for certain how many of them to order.
  • Furthermore, it is perfectly acceptable to send this information via email as well. If you find it easier this way, you can collect all the parents’ email addresses and share the news with them directly. Also, you can do this on your wedding website too, but do make sure the guests will respond to it there.
  • Last, but definitely not least, you can opt for serving a children’s menu for all those who are under 12 of age, while everyone over that age will be served an adults’ menu. This is the most hassle-free solution for the situation.

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Sweet Summer Wedding Favors Guests Will Really Love

With its abundance of blooms and beauty, summer is still here with us – and if you are a soon-to-be-bride, you definitely want to “steal” this season’s finest features and incorporate them into your Big Day.

Did you know you can create really amazing and much-appreciated summer-inspired wedding favors as well? We have gathered some of the most highly popular sweet summer wedding favors guests tend to truly love – so read on if you need some inspiration!


  • Mini-pies. Who doesn’t love a good, delicious homemade pie? Offer your guests small mini-pies filled with summer berries and they will not be able to refuse this kind, attentive wedding favor. To make it more unique, wrap your mini-pies in unique packaging and with pretty wedding color scheme-matching ribbons. They will look amazing!
  • Mason jars continue to be a huge trend in the wedding world – and why wouldn’t they? These jars are versatile, they work with a wide range of wedding styles and they can really suit every type of bride there is as well. For a sweet wedding favor guests will love, fill some mini-mason jars with homemade jam, made from summer’s most delicious fruit. People will really appreciate this gift!
  • S’mores. People will always associate summer with camping – and what could be more “camping-inspiring” than s’mores? Offer guests s’mores as wedding gifts and they will take them down memory lane, when, as children, they loved these sweet camping treats!

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Summer Wedding Cocktails Your Guests Will Love

Planning a summer wedding is a hugely amazing idea if you love the warm days and the luxuriant blooms offered by this season. Aside from the décor and the high-energy vibes in the air, though, you will also want to make sure everything else about your wedding goes well with the season outside – including the drinks.

What are some summer wedding cocktails your guests will definitely love? We have gathered them right below – so read on and inspire yourself.


  • This is an all-time classic of summer drinks – so why not serve it at your wedding? If you want to make it more unique (and even more summer-y) you could add berries to it. Doing this will make the mojito more flavored, it will make it look prettier and it will also make for a nice surprise for your guests.
  • Watermelon Mai Tai. Another great, refreshing summer cocktail, Mai Tai is perfect when you want to bring in just a tint of exoticism into your wedding. For a complete summer-inspired experience, we highly suggest you to add some watermelon to your Mai Tai cocktails – they will taste amazing this way!
  • Bourbon Ice Tea. Bourbon is a great, classy drink – and when it is combined with ice tea, it can result in a refreshing cocktail that’s just perfect for the warm weather. Add blueberries to the mix and your ice tea deliciousness will get an entirely new dimension of flavor!

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How to Plan Your Menu for Your Wedding

The food you serve at your wedding is absolutely crucial for the success of the entire event – and, as a bride-to-be, you definitely want this part to be excellently well-planned. How do you do it, though> How to plan your menu for your wedding?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Establish the criteria. These days, you can serve anything you want at your wedding. From mouth-watering brunches to delicious comfort foods everyone loves and to the fanciest caviar, you are allowed to serve anything you might find appealing. There are a few criteria to meet, though – and two of the most important ones are that your food matches your wedding budget and your wedding style/level of formality.
  • Having a food tasting is extremely important. Not only will this allow you to make the best selection for your Big Day, but it will also give you a better understanding of how the flavors go together. Also, it is a great opportunity to make adjustments to the taste, to the arrangements and to the menu itself.
  • Last, but definitely not least, do not forget about the dessert either. Your cake is one thing, but nowadays, most couples serve a little something extra as sweet treats. A special candy bar or a DIY bar based on doughnuts, sundaes or cupcakes can be a really nice touch to your wedding and it can definitely bring a huge smile on your guests’ faces.

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2016 Wedding Cake Ideas

As one of the most beautiful, most important and sweetest (literally and figuratively!) parts of the wedding, your wedding cake needs to be absolutely flawless. What are some of the best 2016 wedding cake ideas to “steal” inspiration from, though? We have some great tips for you – so read on if you’re still thinking of the perfect cake for the Big Day.

20160515_170332 (3)

  • While fondant can look great (especially when you want very special designs), the truth is that nothing tastes as great as buttercream. Plus, with attention to detail, a buttercream cake can look more natural, more delicious and more aesthetically-pleasing than a lot of fondant cakes – so it’s more than worth considering the idea.
  • This year has brought the naked cake into the spotlight – and truth be told, people are really in love with it! Natural and delicious, this cake focuses on the “basics”, leaving behind overly-decorated designs. Top your naked cake with sugar, fruit and even fresh flowers and we guarantee it will look gorgeous!
  • This type of cake looks like the most tempting dessert ever. The dripping ganache covering the cake makes it irresistible even for the most diet-devoted person on Earth – so we’re 100% positive your guests will absolutely love it!
  • Planning a very elegant wedding? There’s nothing to encompass glamor and style more than metallic colors! Gold, silver and even “colored metallics”- they have all been a great hit in 2016’s wedding cake designs – so if you want your wedding dessert to be trendy and beautiful, this is an idea to consider.

Gardens Restaurant and Catering can provide you with amazing, delicious, unforgettable foods for your Big Day. Contact us in Fort Worth, let’s talk about your wedding menu and we will make sure the dishes we put on your wedding tables are nothing less than GREAT!